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Hey everyone, please watch this short video so you can see exactly what we do and what you will be receiving with our backlinking services.

We want to make getting backlinks as painless as possible and have you on your way to better, safer backlinks in no time.

Why pay more for quality backlinks when you don’t have to?

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Benefits Of Our Link Building Service:

Niche Specific

We will get you as many Niche Specific backlinks as possible for your order and the quality you deserve.

Min Referring Domains

We guarantee that all domains will have a minimum of 250 referring domains. Most will have over 1000 referring domains.

Organic Traffic

All sites are guaranteed to have a min of 1000 organic visitor traffic to the site per month.

Moz Domain Authority

We guarantee that your domains will have a min of 40-65+ DA.

Ahref Domain Rank

Domain Rank from Ahref is a metric a lot of companies sleep on. We guarantee a min of 30+DR for all your orders. It’s a huge metric now.

How it Works

Gather Information

All you have to do it give us your URL and your anchor text and we will do the rest for you. We take all the hard work and guesswork away for you and/or company.

Talking With Bloggers

We have very good relationships with a lot of bloggers that we can make posts to. We will gather all the sites we can to deliver you the best backlinks possible.


We will send you all of your links in your account on this website. If you would like it white labeled for your agency we can do that for you as well and will be 100% hands off for you.

Examples Of Our Authority Websites

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website 8
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The Proof Is In The Traffic and SERPS

Some of our customers have been kind enough to send us screenshots of their results. This is the best way for you to see what you might achieve using our services:

RESULT: This customer got amazing results. Over a 6 month period, organic traffic improved 345% and revenue skyrocketed 127%

RESULT: This customer flew up the rankings seeing an organic traffic increase of 777%.

RESULT: This customer used us to recover from a penalty. Going from position 200+ to NUMBER 1

RESULT: This customer was stuck on the bottom of page 2. Results were instant shooting up to NUMBER 1.

Top Companies Pricing Comparison Chart

Service Provider40DA+50DA+Link GuaranteeSocial SignalsWebsite Audit
$240$4803 MonthsXX
$400$5003 MonthsXX

Choose Your Link Building Package

1 Post

    • DA 40-60+
    • DR 30-60+
    • Niche Specific Domains
    • 250 Min Ahref Ref Domains
    • 1000 Min Ahref Traffic
    • 1 Do-Follow Backlink per Post
    • 2 Authoritative Links per Post
  • Copyright Issue Free Images

Only $199

5 Posts

    • DA 40-60+
    • DR 30-60+
    • Niche Specific Domains
    • 250 Min Ahref Ref Domains
    • 1000 Min Ahref Traffic
    • 1 Do-Follow Backlink per Post
    • 2 Authoritative Links per Post
    • 250 Social Signals To Posts
    • Copyright Issue Free Images
    • Full Website Audit Report
  • $189 Per Post!!

Only $949

10 Posts

    • DA 40-60+
    • DR 30-60+
    • Niche Specific Domains
    • 250 Min Ahref Ref Domains
    • 1000 Min Ahref Traffic
    • 1 Do-Follow Backlink per Post
    • 2 Authoritative Links per Post
    • 1000 Social Signals To Posts
    • Copyright Issue Free Images
    • Full Website Audit Report
  • $179 Per Post!!

Only $1799

20 Posts

    • DA 40-60+
    • DR 30-60+
    • Niche Specific Domains
    • 250 Min Ahref Ref Domains
    • 1000 Min Ahref Traffic
    • 1 Do-Follow Backlink per Post
    • 2 Authoritative Links per Post
    • 2500 Social Signals To Posts
    • Copyright Issue Free Images
    • Full Website Audit Report
  • $165 Per Post!!

Only $3299

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not charge based on “metrics”. We fully believe the total amount of ranking keywords and total organic traffic is what makes the website powerful. BUT, that being said, people love metrics so there has to be a starting point.

Example, if we see a website I can submit your site to and it is a 62 DA with 10,000 visitors per month and I know that I can fit that in the budget, we will give you the best of the best until we run out of domains for your niche.

Why would we charge you more because the website has higher metrics but costs us the same?

We will go through the list of the highest metric domains and traffic FIRST before you start receiving the lowest DA we offer. No one does this for their customers. They all base everything on the metrics and they charge you accordingly. We know what we pay and we are happy to offer the highest quality links at the same price.

All domains that we post to are 40+DA and 30+ DR. Most companies will sell you just on DA alone thinking that is good enough because that what the customer was told from someone “in the biz” at one time.

We can also go by Trust Flow(TF) if that is the metric of your choice. Just let us know and we can take care of it.

Yes, we can! We have great relationships with bloggers in a lot of countries. But, to be honest, it takes a bit longer to get the posts done but not much longer. We have a lot of CA, UK, AU domains etc. Just ask us and we will take a look for you.

Nope sorry. 1 word, leechers. A lot of people try to make all the hard work easy for themselves and leech off of others hard work to get the domains and contact blog owners themselves. Once you pay for the service then we will send you your exact links in your user section of the website with all the stats for your viewing pleasure once the links are completed.

So please do not ask to see them. We have more than enough great information on the site for you to make an educated decision as we have shown you multiple sites via the examples above.

You are guaranteed to get what you pay for. Once we discuss everything if you do not get what you pay for, for some silly reason, you will get the links replaced with the correct ones. Once the order is placed and the work has begun there will be no refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS.

That is why we offer to speak to each and every customer if they wish before placing the order so everyone is on the same page.

We can do pretty much any niche except for porn and gambling links, we just stay away from them. We always go for your exact niche in mind but sometimes that is not possible for the metrics we offer if you purchase over 20 posts so we will find reputable blogs with, at the minimum, your category for your niche and the metrics we offer.

We try to go by the less is more method. If you are buying these links at this type of a discount, you should not need as many of the lower tier links. Some sites will need only 2-3 links and some might need 10 per month. You never know. Each website is different but we can help you out each step of the way.

We have customers that get results in as little as 2 weeks and it all depends on the niche you are in, competition and how established your website is.

If you have a new site and you start getting links, you will start to see the traffic to your site in as little as 1 months time.

We will be writing your content for you. We research the best titles to submit to bloggers and once they approve we will write the article and submit it to the website. As of right now no, you cannot approve it. It takes way too much extra time and time is money for our customers. Each article will be a min of 700 words by a native English writer that you will love.

We strive for 5-7 days but the links we are offering and the quality of the domains and the traffic going to them could take longer. We would say 1-3 weeks to be on the safe side. If we already have a working relationship with the bloggers then it will be earlier but in order to find you the best domains we need to outreach more and that will make the TAT longer.

Faster does not always mean better.

All links will be in-content links throughout the article that will flow perfectly in the content from an actual website with keyword rankings and organic traffic. NEVER on PBN domains.

Permanently is the idea but we know some things happen from time to time with bloggers so we will offer you a Lifetime placement guarantee as long as the blog is alive and well so you feel secure when ordering through us. We cannot control if the blog comes down and it if does happen within 6 months, we will replace the link for free.

We will always discuss this before the order is started. We will always try to find you the most relevant sites for your links but sometimes with the domain metrics, we are offering they are just not there. We have MORE THAN ENOUGH blogger contacts with plenty of traffic and organic visitors to suit your needs.

SEO has changed now forever. The days of using exact match anchors are going out the window and Google wants to see quality content, perfect on-site SEO and branded generic links to a website. We suggest using branded, generic and raw URLs for anchor text to stay safe from any algorithm updates.

You can pick whatever you choose that is just our recommendation.

We offer social signals with our links to show that the post has merit. If you see any huge publication that is online, they have a following and their posts get a lot of social traffic. So why can’t yours? It only looks natural to have good signals to your posts. We offer them for free with any package of 5+ posts. 

Some customers are ordering these links for clients and/or their own websites and it is good to offer something to help out their website and maybe show them something they did not see before. Is it mandatory to get this? NO. We just offer it for free because we want you to be 100% successful and extra help is always welcome.